Brave Frontier hack – Energy,  Zel, Gems, and Karma! What else do you need?


Tired of the wait times between quests? Need more Zel to evolve and fuse your units? Are gems too scarce? Well guess what, like our name suggetss we are game hackers and have decided to hack this game Brave Frontier. As such we created Brave Frontier Hack, and expect nothing less from our programmers than a simplistic to the point hack. We were again thinking should this hack be online or offline? Alas our natural bias gave way and we decided to make this hack online. Ofcourse we would need a way to track theunique ID of the user, at first we couldnt simply use the username of the player, because we had not been able to access the database of the game. Of course now =) we can.


Brave Frontier is an exciting game that much resembles final fantasy, and other rpg style games. It is turn based, and has an element system which we love! Our Brave Frontier Hack Connects directly to the game servers and makes requests as if it was the normal api request. As such many of our friends got into this game and you might find them in the arena at one time. You’ll see that their team is montrous, but don’t frett you can also create a monster team yourself.

Brave Frontier is a simple game don’t get us wrong but you will have to overcome challenges and you will see that as you get more into the game, the more you have to wait for energy, so we bring to the player the ability to increase his energy to max without the need for gems or anything of the sort. Yet ofcourse we also offer gems for free. You can generate anything with-in the game. Hmm maybe you will become master….. you know, after I stop playing! We without further ado we present to you our Brave Frontier Hack.